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Blue Lark Designs is a growing art and lifestyle brand in Alexandria, Virginia, created to reflect life's delights through art, featuring work by select artists. 

Larks are known for their melodious singing reminding us to be cheerful and to find joy in our own lives. A lark sings its song early in the morning, announcing the coming of the day, making it a symbol of hope, happiness, and of new beginnings.

We at Blue Lark Designs believe in celebrating these things - new beginnings, connections with the natural world and each other, and surrounding ourselves with art that delights.

Whether you are in the market for original paintings, prints, or notecards, browse our products and see what connects with you. 

Featured Artists

Michelle Wee

Michelle is an artist based in Alexandria, VA. She finds inspiration in nature, focusing primarily on animals. Her art blends realistic and interpretive elements with bold vibrant colors. While currently focused on watercolor and its unique ability to illustrate a luminosity and freshness through its transparency, Michelle is a multi-media artist. Her work ranges from pastels, graphite, watercolor, and acrylic paintings.